Wood Stair Installation

A lot of homeowners tend to forget the huge impact that stairs make on the aesthetic of their homes. Some settle for bland, regular stairwells and it does nothing to draw attention or enhance the appeal of the home in anyway. If you’re tired of seeing the same old boring stairs you have, why not consider having a spiral staircase? You can have a beautifully crafted spiral staircase or circular staircase coupled with a nice stair railing.

If you have a limited space, spiral staircases are great alternatives since they are very space efficient in terms of floor area usage. Moreover, a spiral staircase can be much less obtrusive than a regular staircase.

Staircase Systems in Thorold, ON specializes in metal and wood stair installation services for your spiral or straight staircases. Our professionals are experienced and can show you some of their past works to give you a peek on their quality work. Give our stair builder a call today to learn more about your options and on ways that we can be of service to you.