Stair Restoration & Repair

Here at Staircase Systems , we specialize in refacing stairs. If you have existing stairs that need some extra attention, call our stair contractor today. We will do any minor stair repair and refacing you may need. We are known for our expert services here in Thorold, ON.

Most companies will shy away from the type of work required for refacing stairs, as it demands more staircase contractor expertise. We pride ourselves on being able to "reface instead of replacing," staircases, which saves you drastically in costs.

It can be difficult to find stair builder services that can enhance the look of your stairs and make repairs that match your existing staircase. We do both! Let us help with railing repair and even your banisters. here is nothing too big or too small for us. Call us for all of your wood stairs or other needed stair renovations.

If you are in need of stair refacing and repair, call Staircase Systems in Thorold, ON for more information.