Custom Stairs

Stairways serve as an opening statement in any home. While the aesthetic part is crucial to complement the overall look of a home, one shouldn’t overlook the safety concerns that a stair railing provides. Here at Staircase Systems we are a stair contractor that can help with all of your stair installation needs.

We offer quality work for stairs, focusing not only on the visual aspect, but also on the safety side of staircases. Whether it’s for a spiral stairs or curved stairs, we provide quality wood stair fabrication and wood railing installation, providing our clients with the exact staircase they envisage having in their own homes. Our team is knowledgeable when it comes to the principles involved in stair building, its layout, and construction.

Staircase Systems in Thorold, ON is a trusted local company when it comes to quality custom stairs and custom stair railings. Our professionals are able to satisfy a variety of style choices from traditional to contemporary. They are experienced and can show you some of their past works to give you a peek on their quality work. Give us a call today to learn more about your options and on ways that we can be of service to you.