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If you’ve been looking for a reliable staircase contractor that offers quality work backed up by experience and professionalism, Staircase Systems can help. We want you to truly get the most out of your property when it comes to custom stairs and custom stair railings. We’re metal and wood stair installation experts that are dedicated to each and every project. We can customize your stairs so they fit the look of your home or business.

Staircase Systems ' owner Jim has been in the stair industry for over 35 years and has worked with several stair companies. He became his own stair broker and established Staircase Systems to provide a personal level of service that customers want, but are unable to get from larger companies. Jim will provide one on one service so that the customer will deal only with him.

Jim is a professional staircase broker that buys quality products from several stair companies. We personalize each job for the customer and buy just the right product for our clients, at the price they require. The owner handles all the site measurements and design work directly, as well as supervise all the installations. You can trust in quality results with the owner involved from beginning to end. The customer will only deal with one person--the owner--so the communication is effective and direct. We ensure that you always get what you asked for.

We understand how important your home and business are to you, and we do our best to keep all your preferences in mind and collaborate with you on a design before getting started on any project. One of our trained specialists will do their best to help you with a functional layout and flawless execution. We also specialize in refacing your stairs so you do not have to replace them entirely. Most stair companies will shy away from this type of work because it requires more skilled staircase technician expertise than required in the controlled environment of the factory. Refacing instead of replacing the staircase saves you significantly on prices that result from unavoidable damage when implementing staircase replacements. With refacing, damage is minimized and cost is dramatically reduced. Let us handle the fine stair repair and restoration services you require.

What makes our company unique in comparison to many others in the area is that our services are provided to you from the very beginning to the very end of your project. We value honesty, integrity, and transparency. Our quality level of communication with the customer prides itself on being all of this and more to give you the best service possible.

Our stair contractor at Staircase Systems is your next step to creating the beautiful home you’ve always wanted. For an excellent stair builder in the Thorold, ON area, call us today!

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